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March 21, 2024

 Former teacher says deceptive viral video of her reporting slur ‘destroyed’ her 30-year career


January 19, 2024 

Unmasking Minnesota’s teacher certification standards 


January 3, 2024

Education Minnesota told affiliated teachers union to ignore the law, order says


November 21, 2023

Robbinsdale Area School District and board send joint letter apologizing to parents, teachers after recent incidents School officials apologized for not notifying parents and teachers after alleged sexual assault, weapons, fights and other harmful incidents.


November 15, 2023

(A ludicrous take on the state of public education in Minnesota,

 the biggest problem is the EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM itself.) 

Data: More than 1,500 Minnesota special education teachers are working in regular ed classrooms 


November 2, 2023

Teachers union drops over $80K on school board races in final days of campaign The union spent nearly $40,000 in one district alone.  


 November 1, 2023

Former teacher says social-emotional learning now ‘more about pushing ideologies’


October 30, 2023

Anoka-Hennepin educator willing to lose job in opposing controversial DEI training 


October 23, 2023

Public invited to help decide what stays and goes in St. Paul school budget


October 3, 2023

Expert calls for accountability as majority of students can’t read or do math at grade level 


October 2, 2023

Education Minnesota alarmed by ‘more and more contested races’ for school board Early voting began Sept. 22 for about one dozen competitive school district races across the Twin Cities.  


 October 1, 2023

St. Paul high school coach charged for having sex with student In an interview with police, Cha admitted to being employed as a volleyball coach at the school and having sex with the victim between two to four times, according to court documents


September 30, 2023

Parents at charter school protest controversial materials, pull kids from school Parents at a Ham Lake charter school are protesting the school's partnership with AmazeWorks, which recommends books on gender identity for kindergarteners.


September 14, 2023

Attendance gap: new data from Minnesota reveals chasm in chronic absenteeism 


September 13, 2023

Rochester School Board discusses ongoing process of implementing equity policy Rochester Public Schools adopted an equity statement in 2020. It then adopted an equity policy in 2021. 


September 12, 2023 

‘They could have killed my son.’ Mom calling SROs to return after large fight at Mankato East High

Carver library board declines to remove 'Gender Queer' from shelves 

Data breach affects SPPS, the 5th educational institution in MN this year 


 September 11, 2023

School safety plummets in MN schools


August 30, 2023

School attendance has dropped like a rock

 August 8, 2023

White House rolls out cybersecurity initiative as schools face devastating hacks The Education Department will launch a coordinating council to provide formal collaboration between government officials and district leaders to help schools strengthen their cybersecurity capabilities in the face of attacks.


July 25, 2023

New $200 Million FCC Proposal Could Help Schools Combat Cyber Attack Onslaught A three-year pilot program aims to support districts as ransomware gangs hack into their systems and steal highly sensitive records. 

July 20, 2023

Is teaching the Bible in public school unconstitutional? No. It is not unconstitutional to teach about the Bible in public schools. This extends to all religions and religious texts. 

July 3, 2023

Does Minnesota have more than a dozen schools where 0% of students were proficient in math? Yes. During the 2022-23 school year, Minnesota had 75 schools that had a 0% proficiency rate in math, according to a spokesperson for the Minnesota Department of Education. 

May 19, 2023

Walz says anti-parent teacher is ‘welcome in Minnesota’


May 17, 2023

Here’s what’s in the giant education bill that passed the MN House and Senate They’re getting a lot more money, but schools soon will have to offer courses in ethnic studies, personal finance and civics. 


May 16, 2023

How leaked school security maps could put Minneapolis kids in danger Sensitive, detailed campus security information was leaked after the school district suffered a massive ransomware attack. School safety experts are alarmed.


April 8, 2023

Blaine High School teacher placed on leave during investigation


March 24, 2023

Bemidji teacher wants to ‘secretly inject’ kids with puberty blockers 


March 3, 2023

School Superintendent Pleads with Parents to Help Improve Student Behavior 


February 28, 2023

New ‘ideological litmus test’ will ‘exacerbate teacher shortage,’ expert says 

 Bill would require all public school grads to complete ethnic studies course


 February 17, 2023

School choice gives parents the power to break teachers unions' chokeholds on students: Corey DeAngelis ‘Kids have their own union now. They’re called parents,' school choice advocate says 


 February 10, 2023

Student stabbed to death at Harding High School


February 2, 2023

Hopkins school denies concealing gender transitions from parents  


January 30, 2023

Trump says public education taken over by ‘pink-haired communists,’ plans to give power back to parents 


January 30, 2023

Parents discover pornographic book available to students in Sartell 


 January 30, 2023

Video: Mother Reads Shocking Gay Porn Material Found In Minnesota School Direct To Board Members 


January 29, 2023

Minnesota's LGBTQ lawmakers form Queer Caucus in show of growing political power 


January 26, 2023

Iowa just latest government-school domino to fall, and there's nothing teachers' unions can do about it


January 25, 2023

Opinion: The right-wing approach to ‘parents’ rights’ puts kids at risk


December 19, 2022

Video raises concerns of unchecked violence at White Bear Lake High School 


December 19, 2022

Ex-teacher describes chaos in Minneapolis schools 


December 8, 2022

Fox News & Corey DeAngelis | School Choice is not a Partisan Issue


November 27,2022

 Jill Biden praises activist teachers, saying 'schools are where policies become people


November 5, 2022

Caryn Sullivan: Low expectations and low test results. Let’s connect the dots 


November 4, 2022

New report finds Minnesota’s social studies standards rooted in ‘revolutionary ideology’


October 25, 2022

Most high school students say they were taught Critical Race Theory 


 October 12, 2022

Education Is on the Ballot This November 


August 31, 2022

GOP governor candidate Scott Jensen calls for vouchers, parental oversight of schools Jensen unveiled a 10-point education plan Tuesday at the Minnesota State Fair.  


August 25, 2022

Math Proficiency remains subpar, reading takes another hit. 


August 24, 2022

Conservatives resist proposed MN teaching standards that emphasize race, gender identity The state licensing board standards would apply to every newly licensed teacher in the state. 


August 22, 2022

St. Paul Central honors Philando Castile  


August 19, 2022

 Becker teachers union files lawsuit against school district over 'gag order' Members argue the new policy violates teachers’ first amendment rights and prevents them from telling parents and community what's really going on in their schools.


Commentary: As parents seek better alternatives, public school enrollment plummets Instead of having any introspection, districts and teachers will undoubtedly demand more money, rather than admit their shortcomings and adjust. 


August 14, 2022

Minneapolis teachers union contract calls for layoffs of white teachers first Teachers are normally laid off or excessed based on seniority alone, but the new agreement adds a racial component as well.


August 13, 2022

Fully Charged: Public schools focus on social issues at the expense of academic excellence Kendall and Sheila Qualls discuss how progressives are using schools to push their agenda at the expense of academic excellence on this week's episode of Fully Charged.  


July 5, 2022

Opinion: The Supreme Court's Decision Opens the Door to Prayers in School from Other Religions 


July 1, 2022

Private Schools Across America Partner with Organization that Encourages Child Transgenderism 

New Minnesota laws that take effect July 1


June 30, 2022

Confidence in public schools plummets under Walz  

Minnesota district to include 'equity specialists' in plan against disruptive behavior 

(Rochester ISD is going the way of MPS and STP schools, Get your kids out now.)

June 26, 2022

Star Tribune board member says ‘average parents’ aren’t ‘good judges’ of what’s best for kids 

June 23, 2022

Leading Charter School Network Gives Primer on Transgender Indoctrination for Kindergarteners 

Ashley Berner: What if we replaced public school districts with less rigid systems?


June 14, 2022

School choice: A different kind of ‘social justice,’ suggests Matt Birk, lieutenant governor candidate If they’re leading the state, Jensen and Birk will bring stakeholders to the table, throw everything on it, and have frank conversations about how to fix a multi-billion dollar broken system. 


May 30, 2022

School $$$ — $40K per student as PPS enrollment drops 15%


May 29, 2022

Private school enrollment at highest level since 2013 Only five of the 25 biggest private schools in the metro experienced a decrease in enrollment for the current school year. 


May 24, 2022

‘Trans/queer’ Minneapolis preschool teacher experiences ‘gender euphoria moments’ when children affirm their identity The teacher took to TikTok describing the "happy gender euphoria moments" they experience when preschool students affirm their "trans/queer" identity. 


Hopkins elementary school promotes weekly LGBTQ ‘Pride Wednesdays’ "Pride Wednesday started in January 2021 in Hopkins Schools," a spokesperson tells Alpha News. 


May 18, 2022

School supports students who kneel for national anthem Some Minnesota students are still kneeling for the national anthem.

 NYT: Say, where have all the public-school students gone?


May 14, 2022

Kim Potter’s alma mater falsely accuses her of murder in school yearbook "Say their names," the bottom of the page adds in large capital letters. 


May 9. 2022

House Republicans Slam Biden Administration’s ‘Disturbing Attack’ on Charter Schools 


May 7, 2022

‘Complete failure’: Senate education bill takes aim at Minnesota’s dismal reading scores The majority of third graders in Minnesota are not reading at grade level. 


May 2, 2022

Minneapolis Public Schools adds violence interrupters to provide after-school safety In the first in-person, semi-normal school year since Minneapolis Public Schools stopped using armed police as school resource officers, the district is testing a program where community members act as violence interrupters.  


April 28, 2022

House rejects amendment to increase oversight of controversial student survey Not even 15 Minnesota representatives supported a measure that would provide more oversight regarding data collected from school children. 


April 27, 2022

Why I'm suing my kids' school district Parents have a legal right to know what our children are taught in school 


April 18, 2022

The schools are open, but homeschooling continues to surge


April 4, 2022

The mass exodus from America's public schools 

For those who think Private schools are different and you don't need to pay attention, 

you NEED to read this article below.

March 10, 2022

Exclusive Footage: Private School Teachers Nationwide Implementing Race-Essentialist Curricula, Trained by Black Panther 

March 2, 2022

Over 70% of American support school choice  

March 1, 2022

Civics teacher lost his job after he was caught on surveillance video waving a finger in the face of a student before slapping him in the face and knocking him against the wall 


February 28, 2022

Education activists agree Democrats' change of heart on mask mandates is based on 'political science'


February 10, 2022

U of M looking to hire education professor with ‘knowledge of’ and ‘commitment to’ CRT The new hire also must have a knowledge of "anti-racist and anti-oppressive approaches." 


January 24, 2021

The Biggest Education Innovation Is Growing Use of School Choice 


December 22, 2021

Minnesota School Board Votes Unanimously to Allow Extra Pay for Non-White Teachers, Racial Segregation of Staff  

December 17, 2021

School District in New York Sends out Email Warning Parents of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Students Grades K-12   

December 17, 2021

White House considered teachers unions' labor disputes before releasing reopening guidance, emails show 


December 6, 2021

Public Schools Are Causing Irreparable Harm to Themselves As public schools push them out the door, many families are embracing change in how they educate children. 


October 5, 2021 

Garland directs FBI to target parents for ‘intimidation’ at school board meetings 


October 4, 2021  

St. Paul district to announce school closure plans


September 29, 2021

The Simplest Way to Improve Racial Inequalities Is to Fund Students Instead of Systems


September 28, 2021

Anti‐​School Choice “History” Keeps Getting the History Wrong


September 23, 2021

Sex-ed curriculum used in Richfield schools asks students to role play gay sex scenarios 

Time to Yank Your Kids Out of the Public Schools


September 21, 2021

The Real Drain on Education Spending  


September 20, 2021

Authorizer wants superintendent fired after Hmong College Prep loses $4.3M with hedge fund

 Conservatives, Take Back the Education Field


September 17, 2021

Another Stillwater school board member resigns, citing political divisions in community 

Fixing America's Poorly Functioning Public School Systems Might Require a Bulldozer 


September 15, 2021

Minnesota judge rejects attempt to force school mask mandate  


September 14, 2021

What Minneapolis Public Schools learned from six months of monitoring student communications — inside and outside school hours 


September 13, 2021

Public school leaders pledge to support and expand education equity programs intended to make schools more safe, welcoming and effective for all students 


September 9, 2021

More families switch to homeschooling amid pandemic 


September 7, 2021

Forget Classroom Battles; Homeschooling is easier than ever

 Stillwater school sues bus company over alleged breach of contract

 Teacher accused of taping face mask on ‘humiliated’ 9-year-old student


September 4, 2021

Minnesota school boards are at the breaking point 

Require vaccination for state's K-12 teachers


September 2, 2021

Why more Black families are choosing to home-school their children this fall 


August 31, 2021

Homeschooling reaches critical mass 


August 27, 2021

Families Are Fleeing Government-Run Schools

2021 MCAs show need for more student support this fall  

 Minnesota schools warned about COVID-19 surge as one district already faces quarantine


August 25, 2021

 The Evidence Supporting Mask Mandates in Schools Is Weaker Than Biden Pretends

The Biden Administration seems to think every public school is legally obligated to require that students wear facemasks

Education losses from the pandemic: The science of catching up 


August 22, 2021

Transparency and School Choice: Like Chocolate and Peanut Butter 


August 19, 2021

Homeschooling is Surging across America, Homeschoolers told us why


August 18, 2021

‘Won’t co-parent with the government,’ parent says as schools bring back masks

17,000 residents write to MDE with concerns about social studies standards

What back-to-school COVID precautions look like in Minnesota’s largest school districts 


August 17, 2021

 36 parent advocacy groups reject forced masking in letter to Walz


August 16, 2021

Over 100 Minnesota School Administrators call for "Decentering whiteness", blame white children.

After a summer of controversy, some Minnesota teachers are anxious about the return of the school year 


August 15, 2021

School nurse speaks out against mask mandates, quits job during school board meeting


August 13, 2021

Can Minnesota require COVID-19 vaccines for school children? 

 “I Will Not Harm” Minnesota School Nurse Resigns During School Board Meeting


August 11, 2021

Education Minnesota encourages state government to work with its education employees to quickly create vaccination policies  


August 10, 2021

Minnesota School Choice Roadmap


August 4, 2021

Education Minnesota publishes resource on how to defend critical race theory


July 30, 2021

Families Have a New Reason to Flee Public Schools


July 26, 2021

Biden’s Education Department has closer ties to CRT group than they admit 

 What are Minnesota’s social studies standards — and does critical race theory have anything to do with them?


July 25, 2021

Minnesota school district joins "The 1619 Project" Education Network

Exclusive: Minnesota Schools Spend BIG on Equity Consultants


July 23, 2021

A School District Asked To Survey Students About Private Matters. The Uproar Was Inevitable.

Brainerd schools approve 'Commitment to Equity' despite community backlash


July 22, 2021

'Very uncomfortable'; Sartell student says she was asked to hide 'Equity Survey' from parents

Alpha News MN: 'Very uncomfortable'; Sartell student says she was asked to hide 'Equity Survey' from parents


 July 9, 2021

School Choice Is the Answer to Education Disputes


June 11, 2021

Beyond the numbers: How to think about Minnesota’s graduation rates 


June 10, 2021

Is a Change in schooling just to obvious 


May 6, 2021

Senate GOP, School Choice Advocates Push New Voucher-Style Program In Minnesota 


April 29, 2021

In light of the Chauvin trial and Wright killing, Black students in the Twin Cities push for more support at school 


April 23, 2021

School Choice Picks Up Steam After Pandemic Closures 


April 22, 2021

Newman: Senate approves bill that strengthens and revitalizes education by focusing on student literacy, mental health, and parent choice 


April 9, 2021

MN students will take annual math, reading tests, but state won’t use MCA results  


March 17, 2021

Two steps forward, one back. Teacher diversity bill may push hundreds of Minnesota educator persons of color from classrooms.


March 19, 2021

 World Socialist Web site: AFT President Randi Weingarten Tells Texas Teacher Michael Hull "We're Not Going to Fight To Keep The Schools Closed


March 15, 2021 Two steps forward, one back. Teacher diversity bill may push hundreds of Minnesota educator persons of color from classrooms. 


February 19, 2021

MDE: 2020-21 School Year Enrollment Data Released Due to COVID-19, enrollment in public schools has decreased; highlights need for education budget provision to address pandemic enrollment loss


January 26, 2021

This Alphabet Book Is Teaching Children About Diversity and Compassion  


May 1, 2017

AP uncovers 17,000 reports of sexual assaults at schools across US