De-Centering Whiteness

Below is a list of 150 Minnesota school Principals who have committed to 


(1) De-centering Whiteness. Understanding that traditional organized whiteness ensures domination through forms like PTAs and Unions. We purposefully call out and lift up historically non-represented voices of color in our spaces to hold weight and power.

(2) Dismantling practices that reinforce White academic superiority like bias in testing and the labeling, tracking and clustering that reflect an Americanized version of a caste system in our schools.

(3) Reconstructing “school” upon our full in-person returns where business-as-usual, like schedules and staffing, are open to drastic changes. and engaging in that preparatory work now.

(4) Speaking truth to power. Where our commitment to holding ourselves and those who serve under us accountable to this work is just as importantly extended to those who serve over us. 

 Abdirizak Abdi, Humboldt High School, Saint Paul
Hinda Abdi, North Jr. High, Hopkins
Yusuf Abdullah, Henry High School, Minneapolis
Mary Jane Adams, Sandburg Middle School, Robbinsdale
Norma Alejandro-Mattson, Green Central Elementary, Minneapolis
Heidi E. Anderson, Augsburg Fairview Academy, Minneapolis
Paul Anderson, Sand Creek Elementary, Anoka-Hennepin
Matthew Arnold, Green Central Elementary, Minneapolis
Colleen Atakpu-Shiggs, Champlin Park High School, Anoka-Hennepin
Jason Backes, Transition Plus, Minneapolis
Diane Bagley, Barton Open School, Minneapolis
Jim Barnhill, Henry High School, Minneapolis
Ana Bartl, Burroughs Community School, Minneapolis
Andrew Beard, JJ Hill Montessori, St. Paul
Paul Berry, Our Lady of Peace, Minneapolis
Latiesha Bogar, Olson Middle school, Minneapolis
Michael Bradley, Roosevelt High School, Minneapolis
Matthew Brain, Champlin-Brooklyn Park Academy, Anoka-Hennepin
Jessica Busse, St. Louis Park High School, Saint Louis Park
Laura Cavender, Bryn Mawr, Minneapolis
Ben Chiri, Mounds View High School, Mounds View
Lena Christiansen, Weaver Lake STEM Magnet, Osseo
Alexa Collodora, Evergreen Park Elementary, Anoka-Hennepin
Mary Pat Cumming, FAIR, Minneapolis
Elizabeth Corris, RiverEast Therapuetic Day School, Saint Paul
Diego De Paz, Bancroft Elementary, Minneapolis
Jody Delau, Whittier, Minneapolis
Lillian DeRung, Eisenhower Elementary, Anoka-Hennepin
Heidi Dunlap, Humboldt Senior High, Saint Paul
Kimberly Enck, Folwell Performing Arts Magnet, Minneapolis
Camille Erickson, Southwest High School, Minneapolis
Alejandra Estrada-Burt, Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion, Robbinsdale
Jennifer Ewald, Hamline Elementary, Saint Paul
Tara FitzGerald, Andersen United, Minneapolis
Shaun Flandrick, Southwest High School, Minneapolis
Chris Forrest, Wilson Elementary, Anoka-Hennepin
Joan Franks, Armatage, Minneapolis
Mauri Melander Friestleben, North High, Minneapolis
Heather Frye, Franklin Middle School, Minneapolis
Ryan Gibbs, Loring Elementary, Minneapolis
Ashley Gillingham, Lake Harriet Community School, Minneapolis
Michael George, Champlin Park High School, Anoka-Hennepin
Tammy Goetz, Seward Montessori School, Minneapolis
John Groenke, Sandburg Middle School, Robbinsdale
Nilo Guanzon, Davis Center, Minneapolis
Julie Guy, Sojourner Truth, Minneapolis
Yajaira Guzman-Carrero, Sheridan Arts Spanish Immersion School, Minneapolis
Bridget Dooley Hall, Lakeview Elementary School, Robbinsdale
Jay M. Hancock, Robbinsdale Middle School, Robbinsdale
Mark Hansen, Jefferson Elementary, Anoka-Hennepin
Heather Hanson, School of Engineering and Arts, Robbinsdale
Jennifer Hedberg, Anne Sullivan Community School, Minneapolis
Ann Herlofsky, Adams Elementary, Anoka-Hennepin
Carrie Hernandez, Bethune Elementary, Minneapolis
Salma Hussein, Central High School, Saint Paul
Christy Irrgang, Takoda Prep, American Indian OIC, Minneapolis
Ken Habel, Robbinsdale Spanish Immersion, ISD 281
Nate Hampton, Harrison, Minneapolis Public Schools
Gaeli Iverson, Hayes, Fridley
Melissa Jackson, Forest Elementary, Robbinsdale
Shirrie T. Jackson, Robbinsdale Middle School, Robbinsdale
Joanie Jeffrey, Seven Hills Preparatory Academy, Richfield
Heidi Johnson, Kenwood Community School, Minneapolis
Scott Johnson, Johnsville Elementary, Anoka-Hennepin
Jasper Jonson, Armatage Montessori School, Minneapolis
Jenni Jones, Champlin Park High School, Anoka-Hennepin
Melissa Kalinowski, Frost Lake Elementary, Saint Paul
Leanne Kampfe, Hopkins West Junior High, Hopkins
Colleen Kennedy , Plymouth Middle School, Robbinsdale
Melissa Kivi, East Bethel Elementary, St. Francis
Holly Kleppe, Jefferson, Minneapolis
Richie Kucinski, La ola del lago Spanish Immersion, Prior Lake-Savage
Josie Koivisto, Eagle Creek, Shakopee
Jill Knudsen, Obama Elementary, Saint Paul
Laurie Lamberty, Whittier International, Minneapolis
Christian Alberto Ledesma, Wellstone International, Minneapolis
Sherrill Lindsey, Elizabeth Hall, Minneapolis
Valerie Littles-Butler, Southwest High School, Minneapolis
Eric Loichle, Windom Dual Immersion, Minneapolis
Mindy Lomen, Mississippi Elementary, Anoka-Hennepin
Bjorn Lundgren, Henry High School, Minneapolis
Katie Mahoney, Highlands Elementary School, Edina
Guillermo Maldonado PĂ©rez, Creative Arts Seconday School, Saint Paul
Nate Manaen, Mississippi Elementary, Anoka-Hennepin
Liz Martin, Anwatin, Minneapolis
Corey Maslowski, Park Spanish Immersion Elementary, St. Louis Park
Serita Mattei, Roosevelt High School, Minneapolis
Mindy McBride, Parkway Montessori and Community Middle School, Saint Paul
Matt McFarlane, PiM Arts High School, Eden Prairie
Nicole Meyer-Johnson, Forest Elementary, Robbinsdale
Dempsey E. Miller III, Anthony Middle School, Minneapolis
Michael Miller, Brooklyn Center Secondary, Brooklyn Center
VaNita Miller, Field Community School, Minneapolis
Hibaq A Mohamed, Highland Park Middle, Saint Paul
Melissa Monson, Oxbow Creek Elementary, Anoka-Hennepin
Sara Naegeli, Jefferson, Minneapolis
Amy Nelson, Sanford Middle School, Minneapolis
Angie Ness, Lake Harriet Community School, Lower Campus, Minneapolis
Breanna Nichols, Bancroft, Minneapolis
Meghan O'Connor, Lyndale Community School, Minneapolis
Chris Streiff Oji, Willow Lane Elementary, White Bear Lake Area Schools
Jamie Oliver, Champlin Park High School, Anoka-Hennepin
Bobbie Olson, Mounds View ALC, Mounds View
Emily Lilja Palmer,Washburn H.S., Minneapolis
Natasha Parker-Galyen, Hiawatha Community School, Minneapolis
Lisa Pawelak, Lucy Laney, Minneapolis
Jamil Payton , Hmong International Academy, Minneapolis
Mona Perkins, Park Terrace Elementary School, Spring Lake Park Clare
Foley Peters, Seward Montessori School, Minneapolis
Carl Phillips, Northeast College Prep, Minneapolis
Alexia Poppy-Finley, West Education Center, ISD 287
Charise Powell, Lyndale Community School, Minneapolis
Joseph D. Purvis, Jr., Robbinsdale Middle School, Robbinsdale
Trinity Raw, Marcy Open School, Minneapolis
Amy Reed, Ramsey Elementary, Anoka-Hennepin
Amy Rapp, Sunrise Elementary, Anoka-Hennepin
Lorraine Rhodes-Dix, Elizabeth Hall, Minneapolis
Maria Rollinger, Barton Open School, Minneapolis
Frederico L. Rowe, Northport Elementary School, Robbinsdale
Vernon Rowe, Northeast Middle, Minneapolis
Robert Sahli, Adams Spanish Immersion, Saint Paul
Christine Sanguinet, Edison High School, Minneapolis
Erika Sass, Northeast College Prep, Minneapolis
Sherri Schendzielos, Coon Rapids High School, Anoka-Hennepin
Walter Schleisman, Lake Harriet Community School, Minneapolis
Liza Anderson Schmid, Henry High School, Minneapolis
Denise Schnabel, Evergreen Park Elementary STEM School of Innovation, Anoka-Hennepin
Kari Schwietering, Peter Hobart Elementary, St. Louis Park
Deb Shepard, Sunrise Elementary, Anoka-Hennepin
Tyler Shepard, Wayzata High School, Wayzata Public Schools
Andrea Skiba, Northeast Middle, Minneapolis
Jessica Skowronek, Pillsbury, Minneapolis Jackie Smith, Crossroads Elementary, Saint Paul
Jen Smith, Neill Elementary School, Robbinsdale Area Schools
Melissa Sonnek, Elementary Program Administrator, Roseville Area Schools
Jeffrey Stovall, Sandburg Middle School, 281 Robbinsdale
Jamie Stricherz, Anne Sullivan Community School, Minneapolis
Brett Stringer, South High School, Minneapolis
Emily Suedbeck, Ramsey Elementary, Anoka-Hennepin
Laura Sullivan, Anishinabe Academy, Minneapolis
Dr. Kenneth O. Turner Jr, Benjamin E. Mays IB World School, Saint Paul
Padmini Udupa, Longfellow ALT. High School, Minneapolis
Nancy Vague, Pratt, Minneapolis Public Schools
Mark Van Voorhis, Andover Elementary, Anoka-Hennepin
Maggie Vecchio-Smith, Adams Elementary, Anoka-Hennepin
Sofia Vladimirova, Hale, Minneapolis
Mai Chang Vue, Anthony MS, Minneapolis
Anne Wagemaker, Lucy Laney, Minneapolis
Laura Wagner, Farmington High School, Farmington
Brandon N. Wait, Paladin Career & Technical High School, Blaine
Kristiana Ward, Keewaydin, Minneapolis
Leia Ward, Sonnesyn Elementary, Robbinsdale Area Schools
Eryn Warne, Edison High School, Minneapolis
Steve White, North High, Minneapolis
Megan Willrett, Valley View Middle School, Bloomington
Jennifer Wilson, Emmet D. Williams Elementary, Roseville
Jessica Wippler, Dayton Elementary, Anoka-Hennepin
Adam Woods, Osseo Senior High, Osseo
Drew Woods, Roseville Area High School, ISD 623
Kelly Woods, Bethune Elementary, Minneapolis
Gao N. Xiong. Hmong International Academy, Minneapolis
Michelle Zimmerman, Lincoln Elementary, Anoka-Hennepin







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